Travel Essentials for Your Yoga Retreat

Cotton-Printed-ShirtSo it’s the beginning of June and you are preparing for your yoga retreat, but what to take? Well we would recommend that you pack your bamboo travel yoga mat which is so light to carry. Perfect if you are planning on a bit of DIY yoga on holiday. But even at the retreat these mats can be very useful and can be laid over the top of the retreat mats.

With most retreats being in hotter climates ensure that you have plenty of water, I personally love the Bobble water bottles, so that you can filter tap water (but with some countries it is still safer to buy bottled water. Flip flops are always a great essential and easy to take on and off before and after your yoga class.  Loose fitting clothing is perfect for meditation and cotton enables your body to breathe without overheating. Because white reflects the sun it is always a great choice for the summer months and the colour associated with spiritually too.

Harem trousers, camisole tops and any accessories that make you feel ‘in yoga’ are perfect to take in your holiday suitcase.  For instance an OM pendant may remind you and connect you to meditation or a friendship bracelet to compassion. Whatever yoga path you walk have a lovely summer.