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Travel Essentials for Your Yoga Retreat

Cotton-Printed-ShirtSo it’s the beginning of June and you are preparing for your yoga retreat, but what to take? Well we would recommend that you pack your bamboo travel yoga mat which is so light to carry. Perfect if you are planning on a bit of DIY yoga on holiday. But even at the retreat these mats can be very useful and can be laid over the top of the retreat mats.

With most retreats being in hotter climates ensure that you have plenty of water, I personally love the Bobble water bottles, so that you can filter tap water (but with some countries it is still safer to buy bottled water. Flip flops are always a great essential and easy to take on and off before and after your yoga class.  Loose fitting clothing is perfect for meditation and cotton enables your body to breathe without overheating. Because white reflects the sun it is always a great choice for the summer months and the colour associated with spiritually too.

Harem trousers, camisole tops and any accessories that make you feel ‘in yoga’ are perfect to take in your holiday suitcase.  For instance an OM pendant may remind you and connect you to meditation or a friendship bracelet to compassion. Whatever yoga path you walk have a lovely summer.

Meditate in yoga, anytime anywhere

13255939_10154179802274844_8062717887403863296_n (1)With summer finely here it is so important that we embrace the moment. Why not wake up early and go to your local park, or a place where you take your favourite walks or even a trip to the beach. Just sitting and breathing in mother nature is something we should all treat ourselves to from time to time. With all the politics, paying the bills, global issues and often others to take care of – most of us often forget the most important gift – mother nature. Whether it be a sunrise in soft hues, the dew on the grass or the leaves dancing in the sunlight – we have all been given a gift. How many of us don’t give a second thought to having eyes to see, ears to hear, a nose to smell, a tongue to taste and a body which feels.
If you can’t make it to a physical location then take yourself into deep relaxation and imagine a perfect place. For instance think of the beach – the colour of the sea and the sand. How does the sand feel under your feet and how calm is that sea? Can you taste the smell in the air and can you hear the lapping waves softly washing into the shore.

Walking barefoot see the imprints you make in the sand as you take your first steps into water. Is the water cool or warm on your toes. Take time to just be as you walk along the beach enjoying the sensation of water gently splashing around your toes. What are you wearing? If you feel restricted then perhaps remove a layer of clothing and leave it on the beach. Feel free in the moment. Continue this daydream or actual event until you wish to return to your thoughts and the day ahead. Feeling refreshed take a deep breath into your abdomen to feel energy in every part of your body. Remember that you can return either in your imagination or for real whenever you need to reconnect.

So what colours will you be wearing this Autumn Winter 2015/2016?

Colours for Autumn Winter 2015

With Autumn Winter 2015 looming what will  be new in your Autumn Winter 2015 /2016 wardrobe.  Well we have been doing a bit of research at Tribal Earth and these are a few of the pantones that will be on trend this fall. The colour palate has been influenced by nature this autumn ranging from Stormy Weather, an intense deep blue to oak buff, a beautiful ochre tone.


So starting from the left of the pantone chart shown above here are the top colours for this fall. We start with dried herb pantone 17-0027.   Dried herb is a lovely neutral colour with an essence of sage. Blouses, base colours to pattern dresses make this a great choice.

Moving to Desert Sage pantone 16-0110.  This  is a particularly beautiful warm silver grey, which may remind you of those winter seas or rivers. Beautiful velvet coats and pinafores look fabulous in this pantone colour.  And how about Stormy Weather pantone  an intense shade of blue. Just imagine wrapping yourself in a long cardigan in this shade to brave the elements. Or perhaps a pair of winter harem trousers.

Oak Buff Pantone 18-4214, is a warming shade of caramels . Warm velvet mini skirts, coats and pinafores all on trend this autumn/winter. Marsala Pantone 18-1438 is a deep blush colour which is a great colour to choose for your lipstick and mix with deeper reds and darker pinks  in your winter wrap dresses made from organic cottons.

Deep bright teal, Biscay Bay Pantone 18-4726 is an intense colour which will add impact this winter to your long sleeve t-shirts and leggings. As always  a navy blue is back in vogue this winter in pantone Reflecting Pond 19-4326. This shade of blue is great for every occasion and always looks classic.

In our final 3 colours we have Cadium Orange Pantone 15-1340. When the autumn leaves are changing they can often appear a soft orange. Blend with autumn in the pattern in the material of fabrics.

And where would we be without pink in a girl’s wardrobe. Cashmere Pink 16-2215 conjures up soft pink jumpers and scarves and looks great in blouses too.

And finally we have an attractive shade of purple with Pantone Amethyst Orchid which is stunning in so much of a autumn winter 2015 /2016 wardrobe with the memory of the Spring and Summer that will appear again in a few months.

Lots of ideas to help you make your perfect wardrobe can be found at www.tribal-earth.com

What’s New in Yoga Clothing for Autumn Winter 2014

Floral-LeggingsWell  here we are again,  the clocks have gone back and the nights are getting darker, and we all start to think about what our autumn/ winter  Yoga Clothing  wardrobe, to help us  through the long winter  .It is important to always  purchase good quality Yoga Clothing  as anything that is made from a light weave fabric will not give you the warmth, or flexibly that we all need . For example our classic Black Cotton Trousers are a perfect choice, comfortable and beautifully made, allowing you to move into any asana, twist or stretch with ease. Sometimes you might  want a splash of colour, so why not look at our  natural lime Yoga Wrap Trousers, which look great when coordinated with an organic cotton vest top.  Our yoga wrap tops with long sleeves are a great choice for this time of the year, when warmth and style are required for your yoga session, originality  and comfort whilst allowing  you that additional flexibility with  5% Lycra woven into the fabric. So while you are doing your Yoga or Pilates practice the fabric moves with you in perfect harmony.  For those of you who want to try something different we have a real treat this Yoga Fashion year, our beautiful Slate Grey Jersey Harem Trousers, bringing that little bit of Eastern romance  to your Yoga Class, but a great choice when you are upside down in either the shoulder stand or headstand.

Red Organic Cotton Yoga Top

Of course  Yoga Clothes design is important and does matter, you want to feel relaxed and enjoying the moment giving you maximum enjoyment from your class. Although  Yoga Trousers or Pants are important they are not the only requirement to mention or be concerned with.  We all want to feel great on the way to, and from the Class or when we get home into the warmth of our homes Maybe we just  want to change in something   to chill out in  and relax after a wonderful Yoga session. So how about one of our Natural Organic  Yoga Tops that come  in either Red , White, or  Black. Or something a little longer one of our  wonderful Long Cotton T shirt in block Lime and Purple which along with our Organic floral Leggings, gives  you a unique  combination that will make you look and feel re-energized and refreshed.

Whatever  you choose from our extensive  range, you and be assured  Tribal Earth’s  Yoga Clothing is not only well made, but made and designed by people who have practiced and continue to enjoy Yoga and Pilates for over twenty years. They say we are what we wear, but it is also true to say, what we wear makes us what we are, as  we all want to look and feel great while having Yoga and Pilates Clothing  that is practical and comfy to wear. So come and see us at www.tribal-earth.com  and treat yourself to some wonderful Yoga Clothing.cotton yoga wrap top

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