Meditate in yoga, anytime anywhere

13255939_10154179802274844_8062717887403863296_n (1)With summer finely here it is so important that we embrace the moment. Why not wake up early and go to your local park, or a place where you take your favourite walks or even a trip to the beach. Just sitting and breathing in mother nature is something we should all treat ourselves to from time to time. With all the politics, paying the bills, global issues and often others to take care of – most of us often forget the most important gift – mother nature. Whether it be a sunrise in soft hues, the dew on the grass or the leaves dancing in the sunlight – we have all been given a gift. How many of us don’t give a second thought to having eyes to see, ears to hear, a nose to smell, a tongue to taste and a body which feels.
If you can’t make it to a physical location then take yourself into deep relaxation and imagine a perfect place. For instance think of the beach – the colour of the sea and the sand. How does the sand feel under your feet and how calm is that sea? Can you taste the smell in the air and can you hear the lapping waves softly washing into the shore.

Walking barefoot see the imprints you make in the sand as you take your first steps into water. Is the water cool or warm on your toes. Take time to just be as you walk along the beach enjoying the sensation of water gently splashing around your toes. What are you wearing? If you feel restricted then perhaps remove a layer of clothing and leave it on the beach. Feel free in the moment. Continue this daydream or actual event until you wish to return to your thoughts and the day ahead. Feeling refreshed take a deep breath into your abdomen to feel energy in every part of your body. Remember that you can return either in your imagination or for real whenever you need to reconnect.